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This informal fellowship for women meets in the Perry Room at 7.30 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
each month. We normally have a speaker on the 2nd Wednesday and coffee and chat on the 4th Wednesday.

Tree of Life Embroidery

The Tree of Life Embroidery was made by a group of mainly women members who were the forerunners of the Just Women Group.

January - April 2019 Programme




9th January 2019


Chat Evening - Free Flow Conversation

23rd January 2019

Derek Pooley


13th February 2019


Chat Evening - Music Evening

27th February 2019

Penny Smith

Artificial Intelligence

13th March 2019


Chat Evening - More Free F;ow Conversation

27th March 2019

Diane Livesley

Flavours of Israel

10th April 2019   Chat Evening - Baptisms/Naming Ceremonies

All women are welcome; the cost is 50p (sometimes) to cover the cost of tea, coffee etc and any other expenses.

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