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People to Contact

Minister: Rev'd Ian Griffiths
email: minister@

Deacon: Selina Nisbett

email: deacon@allsaintsabingdon.org.uk

Senior Steward: The stewards work as a team. Please contact the address below, and someone will be in touch with you.
email: stewards@

Bookings: Chris Caddy
email: bookings@allsaintsabingdon.org.uk

Baptism co-ordinator: Menna Hull

Weekly notices: A rota system is in operation, but sending an email to the address below will reach the person on that month's list.
email: notices@allsaintsabingdon.org.uk

Property issues: For users to report problems with the building, contact the chair of the Property committee at:
email: property@allsaintsabingdon.org.uk

Webmaster: Margaret Ellwood
email: webmaster@allsaintsabingdon.org.uk



Page last updated: October 2018

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