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Environment Group

Working Together to Save Our World


Following a survey of members the Church’s Environment Group proposed the following Environment Policy to the Church Council.  The policy was adopted in October 2010. The full policy document and Action Plan can be found here.

All Saints Methodist Church recognises that through its activities, its buildings and through its members it has both a direct and indirect effect on the local, regional and global environment.  As a Christian organisation we have a direct concern for the well-being of our neighbours and a responsibility to care for creation.


Our overall aim is:

  • To encourage a more sustainable approach to our life as individuals, as a community and as an organisation within the locality.


Within in this context our further aims are:

  • To be an example in our town, circuit, etc. of how to make a appropriate response to the challenges posed by climate change and the need for a more sustainable lifestyles;


  • To use less, waste less and recycle more;


  • To use water and energy efficiently;


  • To use more renewable sources of energy;


  • To encourage our suppliers, contractors and user groups to share our values towards the environment;


  • To encourage our members and all our building users to make positive environmental choices;


  • To lower our community carbon footprint through promoting alternative means of transport.


Members of the group are:

Cliff Marshall, David Perrow, Derek Pooley, Margaret Ellwood.



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