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Candle in SanctuaryAt All Saints we believe it is very important that whatever parents bringing their children for a blessing or baptism choose to do, they do with honesty and integrity - which is why we offer options and allow parents to choose the one they feel most comfortable with.


What is baptism?
Baptism (sometimes referred to as Christening) involves washing or dipping in water and a marking with the sign of the cross as a sign of commitment to and belonging to Christ and His Church.  It is an outward sign of something that has happened on the inside.  A baptism service will involve an affirmation of faith commitment using a form of the words of the creed (a statement of the Church’s beliefs) together with promises about living the Christian life.  These will be made by the person involved if they are old enough or by parents and God-parents when a young child is brought for baptism.  


The Methodist Church, in common with many other groups of Christians, permits the baptism of both adults and children.


Some parents prefer to keep baptism until the child is old enough to make the promises for themselves - as their own Christian commitment - usually as a young adult/teenager.  As their child gets older, he/she can make their own mind up on what they wish to do.  If they do, baptism then seems to have greater personal significance in their life.

Is there an alternative to baptism for our child?

Yes.  A thanksgiving service is a way of saying thank you to God for the gift of your child and is an opportunity to seek God’s help and blessing for you as your bring up your child.  It includes prayers for you as parents and for your child's future.  It may also require the Christian commitment of the parents, as promises may be made about bringing your child up in a Christian environment, (i.e. teaching him/her how to pray, being faithful in worship, reading the Bible regularly, taking part in the life of the church you normally attend) but this service can be tailored to suit the level of commitment with which you are happy.

How do we go about getting our child baptised?

Parents wishing to have their children baptised or to arrange a thanksgiving service should contact our baptism co-ordinator, Menna Hull at baptism@allsaintsabingdon.org.uk. The minister will then arrange to meet with you to discuss the options.

How do I, as an adult, go aboutbeing baptised?

If you have not been baptised as a child then adult baptism is available.  Once again contact  Menna to discuss.


If you have been baptised as a child, baptism would normally be followed by confirmation and reception into membership at the point where you wish to take on the commitment and responsibility of Christian discipleship for yourself and to play a full part in the life of the Church.


Page last updated: July 2018

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