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Flowers in ChurchIntroduction
If you are planning to get married and are considering a Methodist church, here are some guidelines to help you.

What is the first step?

A couple wishing to marry in a Methodist church should make an appointment to meet our minister Link Here.  You need to ensure you do this as soon as possible and before choosing a date or making other arrangements, for example for the reception or honeymoon.  To be married at All Saints one or both of you need to be resident in the civil registration district of Oxfordshire.  


As part of the legal process, prospective marriage partners will need to go to the local registry office to obtain certificates authorising the minister to marry you.  Read more
Without such certificates the wedding cannot take place.  This will be explained at your interview with the minister.


One of us is divorced.  Is that OK?

We are generally willing to marry people who have been divorced, while their previous spouse is still alive, as long as there are not major obvious reasons why it would be inappropriate to do so.  As part of the interview with our minister you may be asked to reflect on what you have learned from the breakdown of your previous relationship and how you feel that will affect your new marriage relationship.


Does one of us have to be a Methodist?

People wanting to marry in church don't have to be members of the Methodist Church, but you will be asked why you would like to marry in church.  A church marriage is a solemn Christian ceremony, with prayers and Bible readings reflecting Christian understandings of what marriage is about.  Whilst people wishing to marry at All Saints do not need to be church members, we will look for a genuine desire on the part of a couple to take your marriage seriously along the lines set out in the service.  Discussing what this means in practice will be part of the marriage preparation.


What if we are from two different Christian denominations?

Belonging to different traditions does not prevent you from being married at All Saints.  Where two people from different church traditions wish to marry, it is quite common for ministers from both churches to take part in the ceremony.  We welcome this.


Further Information
If you have further questions about your wedding please contact our minister who will arrange to meet with you.


Page last updated: May 2020

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